Delirium may have set in

So I’ve been trying to work on a few posts but for the most part the section of my brain that can form coherent words/phrases to explain things is out of commission for the time being. They’ll get done at some point but don’t hold your breath for me to hit the publish button. It’s actually pretty interesting for me to look back at our relationship. Daddy and I have been together for about 5 and a half years and in that time a lot has happened. We’ve changed, grown and our relationship has evolved. Trying to put several parts into words or even just reflect on what was, has been interesting.



Daddy wanted me to nap since I had the day free. I wasn’t completely sold on the time frame, the nap yes, but not at 11:30. I wasn’t super tired yet. We ended up laying in bed, relaxed and just talked. I love snuggling with Daddy and our talks (with words) are always interesting on some level.

After about 20 minutes he really started to push the nap issue but by then I was having too much fun talking to him and him rubbing my legs. I think I was tired and a little delirious so I blame that on the subsequent conversations.

Daddy: I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.

Lily: Well I’m not a peep factory so that shouldn’t be hard

Daddy wasn’t too thrilled with that response, something about a smart mouth but I did get a chuckle before he rolled me over and pulled my pants down. He spanked me a little with his hand but I kept trying to roll over and put my hand in the way, hey nobody said I was the most cooperative. Since I wasn’t being the most cooperative he decided he needed to up the ante a little I guess. The leather paddle was brought out for a little bit. I wasn’t totally in trouble because we were just playing around but it wasn’t a good girl spanking either. At the end he wanted to clarify some stuff and asked me a few questions.

Daddy: Are you going to have a smart mouth the rest of the day?

Lily: Well I can’t guarantee I won’t but I’ll give it a go.

After we settled back into bed I was doing my best to not go to bed and keep talking to him. I’m pretty persistent and annoying when I put my mind to it.


Daddy: I’m going to send you to your cousin’s house.

Lily: Yea! I love her!

Daddy: Yep then your Uncle can deal with you.

Lily: Nope

Daddy: Yep then he can spank you.

Lily: Well then I’ll just go boneless.

Daddy: That’s not going to work.

Lily: Yea it will! That’s why fat people don’t get kidnapped, they can just go boneless. Nobody is dragging me anywhere, it’s too hard.

Daddy: They could just use a handcart.

Lily: A handcart?!? lol

Daddy: Yea, I’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother.

We did talk for a little bit more and there were definitely some additional laughs but I eventually succumbed to the back rubbing and fell asleep. Today was a really good day with Daddy and the mini cupcake :)

Best: Played with the MC all day, my favorite.

Worst: Poked and not in a good way

<3 L

Inappropriate Intrusion

As part of the punishment I got on Saturday, Daddy is making me write about what I did and what happened as a result of my poor choice.

I sent an email to someone that was about an inappropriate topic that was none of my business. I also used crude and unladylike language in said email. Overall, it was a lapse in judgement that looked poorly upon Daddy. It earned me a harsh punishment :(

My punishment started with Daddy’s hand. I got about 200 and then Daddy moved on to the plastic hair brush. I got about 100 with the brush until Daddy paused to double check and ask me “What are you being spanked for?”

I responded with “Sending an email to someone without a sense of humor.”


I don’t know why I said that to be honest. I knew I was in for it from the get go and this is a fine example of my smart mouth jumping the gun before my brain can interrupt and say Lily shut up, you’re in enough trouble already!!

Daddy was not too pleased with this response, as you can imagine. He finished up about 50, hard smacks with the brush before he asked me again. This time I responded with the correct answer “Sending an inappropriate email with crude language.”

From there Daddy started over. He went back for about 100 with his hand then picked up the plastic brush. I really wish we didn’t buy it or at least only used it for its intended purpose. I got another whole set of about 350 before he had to go and pick up the strap. I got 25 with the strap and at this point I was about done. But noooo, still had the paddle to go. I got 75 at about medium+ but the last 5 were ridiculously hard. Daddy let me lay on the bed a little before we talked, thank goodness. We talked about everything and I was done until he said he wanted to take a picture. I told him no.

Wrong answer.

I know, I know. My butt already is already red, possibly has bruises and hurts. I don’t want to sit so why, oh why would I tell him that? I’m pleading insanity. Well I went back over for another 25 with the paddle. In total this was definitely the worst punishment spanking since we’ve started back up again and I will try my hardest to not earn another one like this again.

After all of that I had to send an apology email and write this post, complete with embarrassing picture (my no obviously failed). I will definitely think twice about the topics and language used in my emails from here on out.


Best: Time to relax
Worst: Loooooong Monday

<3 L