Ferberization threats

This conversation happens about once a month in our house.

DK: I think we need to ferberize you.

Lp: Nooooo. No ferbering.

DK: I think it’ll help you get to sleep better.

Lp: No I need rubbings to go to sleep. See I’m going to sleep right now. <closes eyes tightly>

If you don’t have any kiddos or don’t know what ferberization is, it pretty much entails a wide range of practices to teach an infant to sleep.

  • Take steps to prepare the baby to sleep. This includes night-time rituals and day-time activities.
  • At bedtime, leave the child in bed and leave the room.
  • Return at progressively increasing intervals to comfort the baby (without picking him or her up). For example, on the first night, some scenarios call for returning first after three minutes, then after five minutes, and thereafter each ten minutes, until the baby is asleep.

Daddy rubs my back, my butt, my legs or my head before I fall asleep, everyday. I honestly can’t fall asleep without “rubbings” and Ellie. Though Ellie does get left at home when we go on vacations for protection and for fear of leaving her behind accidentally and Lp’s world crumbling . At minimum, I have to be touching him. Woah is the night we spend apart because I get a small amount of sleep. I am ridiculously spoiled, I know.  This ferberization conversation normally comes up when Lp is on her last ditch effort to get an extra few minutes of being awake. Its our time to snuggle and relax so the potential ferberization will never actually happen. I’ll take the ferberization threat over a spanking anytime though. :)

Best: Coffee, yummy, glorious coffee

Worst: Stayed up all night + 14 hours work day = Exhausted work day

<3 L

Being Their Baby and an aside

Being Their Baby by: Korey Mae Johnson

Born and raised in a broken home on the wrong side of town, Sophie spent her childhood fighting to keep a roof over her head, and at eighteen she was homeless and without a single person she could trust or admire… until she met Liz, Charlie, and Josh.

Though they are both deeply in love with Liz, Charlie and Josh know that something is lacking in their lives: a baby girl to cherish, care for, and, when necessary, discipline. When Sophie gets herself in trouble with the law and needs help and a place to stay, they soon discover that she is just what they have been missing and, more importantly, they can be the family she never had.

Almost before she knows what is happening, Sophie finds herself living a life she never would have imagined. She begins to realize that having a big, strong daddy, a strict but caring mommy, and a handsome, fun-loving uncle might not be a bad thing at all. As she adjusts to her new home and begins to show her feisty side, though, Sophie learns that when she is disobedient she will be punished.

Liz, Charlie, and Josh are fully prepared to keep Sophie in line, even if that means showing their baby girl that there are plenty of very embarrassing ways to discipline a young lady when she has been really naughty, and that if her behavior is bad enough, her blushing cheeks will more than match the color of her bright red, well-spanked bare bottom.


I love age play stories! It’s a particular favorite of mine but at the same time I’m a little picky seeing as how I live it. I shouldn’t have been worried when it came to Korey Mae Johnson, she’s awesome. Definitely a 5 star read and highly recommend if you like age play, spanking or menage stories. I do realize there are different ways to approach the topic and I do appreciate some variety. For us age play isn’t sexual but that by no means excludes sexual age play from my like to read list. This book is highly sexual with yummy romps and spankings sprinkled throughout, coupled with the Mommy, Daddy and Uncle family you have a winner!!

The relationship between Josh, Elizabeth and Charlie was unique in itself but they were missing that one little piece but they found it in Sophie. I loved that Sophie came into a pre-made little family complete with a Mommy, Daddy and Uncle. She had the support, care, discipline, and love she needed to get over her difficult and troubled past to find herself. The story was amazing and I loved the development of the little relationships between each pair and as a whole. Sophie was adorably innocent but learned to come into her own and men were the spankings and sex yummy. Fingers crossed for a sequel!

Daddy read the book as well. It didn’t take a whole lot of cajoling and he enjoyed it (Daddy gives it 5 stars). When he finished he made a comment that Liz, the Mommy character, reminded him of me. I was a little confused until he clarified that he specifically meant the sexual relationship Liz has with Charlie. Liz and Charlie are both dominant personalities but have a very close and hot sexual relationship.

They both pushed and clasped each other until they fell onto the carpet. He wrestled her until he had her pinned face-down on the floor. “Now, raise up your ass to me like a good little slut who needs my cum inside of her.”

She’d lost her virginity after a wrestling match with him when they were teenagers. Ever since, that’s how sex for them was: one trying to dominate the other.

I think this quote just about sums up their relationship but also what I mean when I say from time to time I like a little fight. I mean who doesn’t love rough sex to begin with but this goes a little bit further and a smidge rougher than our usual. I do NOT mean rape play/fantasy. I can’t even hear the word associated with anything sex positive because of the work I did in college so, NO to rape. You may call it whatever you want but for me this is so far away from that I’m in another universe. Second, I’m not a small girl by any stretch of the imagination. I’m tall for a girl and I’m a bbw so I don’t scare or push around easy. I think that has led me to a greater desire to be manhandled and overpowered. Daddy’s not a small guy either so it works perfectly for me. He’s bigger, stronger, faster and I love it. Normally we don’t plan out these little “fights” I just go with what I feel; wiggle out of his grasp, bite a little harder than normal and in general struggle and be the furthest thing from accommodating and submissive. It might get me some awesome bruises, might make me exhausted and might leave me sore in the morning but it definitely leads to some of the best sex ever!

Best: Had a great weekend

Worst: Dishwasher broke :(

<3 L

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A little anxiety


I’m an introvert. Like maybe 5% extrovert and 95% introvert. I’m shy. I’m reserved. I’m mellow. I think and rethink before I do something.

Where does that leave me, particularly my little?

In a little bubble pretty much. I am only ever little with Daddy and actually openly talked to one other person when I was little. Daddy plus one is what Lp’s bubble consists of. Her little love bubble. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, those two people love Lp and don’t care how weird or crazy she is and accept her for her.

The main reason her bubble is that small is that my little is a million times worse than me and it takes a lot to get her out of her shell. When I think about our relationship and the age play aspect I always kind of envisioned having Uncles, Aunts, cousins and friends. You starting to see my dilemma?

I’ve been on the look out for other bossy people and friends, in general, that are ok with my little. I always get discouraged a little bit into the process and give up until I feel the need to look again. Since I feel the need again I’ve been thinking. I need to be more brave and put myself and especially my little out there, need to relax, get in a little trouble, talk to people etc. Im terrified of my little getting rejected or criticized though. I feel protective of her and want to keep her safe, innocent and unscathed. But by not letting her out I’m not really giving anybody else the chance to get anywhere near her bubble. So I’ve decided I’m going to get more brave and put myself out there.

Decision made!

Decision un-made!! I had ridiculous amounts of anxiety today. Work was stressful, per usual, homework is still there and pretty much everything was exactly the same except for one thing, my decision. I sat there for the longest time trying to figure out the source of my anxiety and I’m fairly certain that’s it. I ended up having a little anxiety attack and after feeling like I was going to cry for an hour and I finally hid in the bathroom so I could cry and work on my breathing. Luckily nobody was around but the actual crying did nothing to help the anxiety or the horrible pressure I felt.

I ended up talking to my bubble people. Talking helped some but even now that I’m home and Daddy’s taking care of me the anxiety is still there. I want nothing more than for my little to be the brave, funny kid Daddy knows she is but I really can’t even fathom facing anything or anybody if it causes this much anxiety, even when I’m not little!

I feel as though I’m at an empasse. I want the family and friends but I don’t know how to deal with the anxiety, don’t know how to let people in and don’t know how to not protect myself in case I do get hurt.

Guess only time will tell.

Best: The effin day is nearing an end

Worst: Awful anxiety

<3 L


I’ve been banned from using markers alone. I am now only allowed to use them in the presence of a grown up and supervised. Why you ask?

I may or may not have drawn a mustache on Daddy with a blue marker.  Buuuutt it was washable!!

I was sitting on his lap after we had finished coloring and I got a brilliant idea! Mustache! Daddy needed one! Soooo I grabbed the closest marker and went for it. Daddy was watching TV so he wasn’t totally aware of what I had planned and I think he didn’t really notice or realize I actually drew it until I was on the second side.

He washed his face right after I drew it and got off his lap but even after a baby wipe or two and some face wash you can still see some of the awesome ‘stache.  I may have to write Crayola an angry letter. Washable, ha!

In my defense I was trying to make him look awesome.

After he washed his face he scolded a little about the proper use of markers and said I was getting spanked before bedtime. It was a little tricky because I was trying not to laugh. Well you get scolded by someone with half a blue mustache!  Still, I know markers are only for paper. Not for people.

Since we had to wait pretty much for the rest of the afternoon I asked Daddy how mad he was at me.

Lp: Are you like [disgruntled noise/angry face] little bit angry?

DK: No, more.

Lp: Are you like [disgruntled noise/angry face] medium bit angry?

DK: No, more.

Lp: Really?! Are you like [disgruntled noise/angry face] medium-high bit angry?

DK: Yea about there.

We had to wait until last night after the mini cupcake went down for the night to get my spanking. I hate waiting. I ended up getting an OTK spanking on the couch right after we shut the door to the MCs room. It wasn’t too bad because as the day wore on Daddy relaxed a bit more and was only medium low angry so he only used is hand. I most likely won’t draw another mustache on Daddy but it certainly was funny and I cracked up almost all afternoon.

Best: Daddy made the best brunch ever!
Worst: HW, HW everywhere
<3 L

Injured…injured bad

I just love this kid! He cracks me up!

Injury #1 Right forearm

Let me set the stage for you. I was relaxing on the couch with Daddy watching some TV. Normally I tell him when I’m hungry or thirsty and he’ll either get me something or tell me what I can get myself. This time I had my drink already but before I had sat down again I had put my drink on the shelf off to the side. Well my thirst kicked in so I got up and headed in that direction. I had maybe 5 steps to go, the entire way! I took two steps, tripped over one of the mini-cupcake’s toys and slammed my arm into the corner of the wall.

D: What did you do? Where did you hit?

Lp: My arm. The skinniest part of my whole body! I think i hit bone.

I got some snuggles and an ice pack but it really hurt and there were quite a few tears.

Lp: My glasses are broke.

D: Why are they broken? (a little alarmed since it’s a new pair)

Lp: They got cry on them.

Out of all my injuries this day, this one was by far the worst. Not only was it in a bad spot and have a knot and a soon to be wicked bruise but it happened when I was little. When I’m little I’m about a hundred more times emotional.

Injury #2 Right thumb

I had recovered from my early morning injury quite well, I suppose. I had somehow earned myself a spanking. We were towards the end when I pulled a big huge no-no. I reached back to block and Daddy hit the tip of my thumb with the paddle.

I know. I know.

Anon in my head: Lily Katherine!! Why would you reach back??

L: Why? Because it hurt! Duh!

AimH: But you know better! You have to have been spanked 7,000 times by now. You know spankings hurt.

L: Sheesh 7,000, that’s a bit steep. I’m not that naughty. But yes I do know better but I think my sanity flew out the window.

AimH: Well natural consequences at work there I suppose. You need to work on that.

L: Thanks for that. You’re a real gem.

I’m not too great at staying still, holding a position or otherwise being generally cooperative during a spanking but this Daddy knows and allows within reason. Obviously reaching back is frowned upon. Normally he allows me to hold Ellie during if I need something to hold on to so I don’t reach back but again, I had a brain fart. Daddy apologized profusely and got me some ice again. Seriously we need more frozen veggies in this house. Luckily that was the end of the spanking but truth be told I would have rather finished the spanking it probably would have hurt less than my thumb throbbing all night long.

Injury #3 Right eye

If you thought oh geez two injuries today she should probably go to bed so nothing else happens, you’d be a genius because that’s what I thought! I climbed into bed got my covers up and then couldn’t find Ellie. She had somehow gotten tangled in the covers towards the middle of the bed. I reached her with my hand and tried to leisurely toss her up to her place on the bed.

Did that go as planned? Ohh nay nay.

Ellie roundhouse kicked me in the eye!! The traitor! She’s an elephant, with beans in the feet, and she kicked me.

So now my eye stings, my thumb is throbbing and my arm has a huge bruise on it. But the day was not complete without a pirate joke since I only had one good eye at the time. Arrrrrn’t I hilarious :p

Best: I’m actually making a dent in my pile of homework
Worst: Darn mosquito bites are itching like crazy
<3 L


This past week started off with a late night trip to the ER, we had a little lull in the middle of the week then went straight back to crazytown. To say Thursday and Friday were stressful would be the understatement of the year. I was on the uphill climb to a panic attack Thursday at work.

I asked Daddy for at least one of the 3S’s. Hoping I could have a spanking, sex, a (ma)ssage or something equally stress relieving. I hardly ever ask but I was pretty much at my breaking point and about done. Thursday was spanking and sex and Friday was a glorious massage.

Thursday was really intense but just what I needed. The spanking wasn’t actually that bad as far as pain since he used a plastic spoon, the hairbrush and the crop. I love the crop! It was perfect, just enough warmth and pain to get me going. I’m not sure if it was my emotions combined with the stress and anxiety of the day finally being washed away but when I was finally allowed to cum I had tears in my eyes. It was the most ridiculously intense orgasm ever but I felt a million times better. Daddy let me out of the cuffs and he snuggled/rubbed me for awhile until I was back to my not-so-stressed usual self. We showered and got straight back to the snuggling before I was out like a light. Daddy’s also been learning some new massage techniques and they are fabulous!!! I’m pretty much a pile of goo after he’s done. My body is sooooo relaxed and everything feels glorious. Daddy and his magic hands and fingers are the greatest coping mechanism I’ve found.

Not only am I coming off a stressful week but this weekend we’ve spent it cleaning, running errands and everything else you do to prepare for visitors to invade your home. We actually only have one visitor coming but we still have to clean and organize plus pack because we’ll be going out of town next week. I’m excited but I’m not. It’ll be great to go on a mini vacation again and I think were going to an aquarium, my favorite! Downside; all the cleaning, packing, hiding away of the toys/implements, diapers and restraints in case of snooping.

Next week should be fun, there’s a list of places we want to go in addition to swimming, swimming and more swimming to get away from the heat and humidity. Unfortunately, we’ll have zero time or privacy (good lord we’ll have absolutely zero privacy) for any spankings, sex or anything in between but I’m hoping to get my fill today and tomorrow to ward off the withdrawal symptoms. ;)

I guess the biggest wrench in our otherwise harmonious system is that we’ll have to switch up our routine. Mainly our showering and our communication will have to be altered. Showering isn’t as big of a deal or as difficult as the communication. We shower together every night, so just the fact that we probably won’t be, while we have a visitor, sucks. It’s extra time for us to be together, just the two of us. While that’s a bummer but not entirely a huge deal, not calling him “Daddy” is the hard part. I always call the hubby Daddy. Honestly, I’ve only called him his real name maybe five to ten times a year, tops. I either don’t say his name or otherwise try to work around it. I haven’t had to do either since Christmas so I’m a little out of practice. Wish me luck and hopefully I survive until next Tuesday afternoon when they get put back on a plane and we regain our semblance of normalcy.

Best: OMG Lime Chobani flip yogurts are the best

Worst: Cleaning, organizing and packing. BLERG!

<3 L

DKK: Bedtime story

Our house is full of books. Books at just about every level and just about every topic. Normally when I have Lp we try to read a bedtime story before she’s off to sleep. The Fairy Berry Bake-Off is a very cute story about two baking talent fairies fighting over who is the best baker. They both try to out bake each other and end up making a bit of a rough dining experience for the other fairies. Both fairies come to their senses and befriend each other and work together.

This book is rather long for a kids book considering she’ll fall asleep in under 15 minutes, so I decided to break it up over two nights. While we were read I sometimes ask Lp different random questions.

After reading the part where the fairies are showing off  their dishes I asked her…

DK: Which baker would you want to be?

Lp: Neither. I wanna be the taster.

This was not a surprise to me because Lp’s job at home is to taste the random creations I make in the kitchen. It works out quite well for both of us, teamwork. :)

The other question I asked Lp was about the boy fairies. In the movies, (we’ve watched every single one who knows how many times) there are many different boys in Pixie Hollow but in the books I didn’t see any boys.

DK: Where are all the boy fairies?

Lp: I don’t know.

DK: Well they’re not in Pixie Hollow.

Lp: Nope. Probably at Pixie Full.

It was a cute book and I definitely recommend it for a bedtime story. If you have seen the movies it is a little different because they change the names of the talents, such as Tink is a tinker fairy in the movies but instead she’s a pots and pans fairy in the book. The new name did not sit well with Lp but what can you do? Of course she loved the book and both nights after about 20 pages of reading she was out like a light.