Breanna Hayse Giveaway!!

I have a giveaway!!!

Who: Breanna Hayse

What: Author of D/s, BDSM and Age Play erotica

When: The next book is scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks! <insert happy dance> The latest one released was Dare to Defy, an epic fantasy novel that weaves an awesome tale of a Princess trying to unite her kingdom all while realizing her powers, discovering dragons and of course there is always hot spankings and sex in her books. If you can’t tell, from that one sentence, I HIGHLY recommend this novel. While I love all of the books that come out I have a soft spot for age play books so I’m more than a little excited that the next one will fall into that category.

Blurb: Role Play is an age play love story about an ugly duckling who grows into being a beautiful swan….with some help of a special friend. Camille LeCroix, the childhood star of the Pippi Longstocking series, finds herself all grown up and unable to find roles for ‘ugly girls.’ After being discovered by an eccentric movie producer and director, Camille is offered a role in a movie that will be written AFTER she receives life coaching by the heart throb and actor, Erik Renault.  Little does she know, but Erik plans on bringing her back into the role she was born for, an adult little girl, pippi -tails and all!

He fought not to laugh as she stuttered wildly, offering explanations for her behavior as her eyes darted around the room, looking for a means of escape. She was certainly adorable, especially in her panicked disarray. Erik forced a stern look upon his face.

“Cami, you deserve a spanking and you will receive one. Now answer me, young lady.”

“You are crazier than bat-shit.”

“That is not a nice way for a little girl to talk. Where do you think you are going?”

“Out of this loony bin. I am not going to allow you to spank me. I am not twelve anymore, nor is this a scene!”

“You have to walk over my legs to go anywhere which would make things very easy for me. No you are not twelve. I think we could start at half that.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Six. You can start at being six and we will see how it works. As for allowing me to spank you, I recall you signed the movie contract permitting me to use whatever training methods I felt were appropriate to help you learn to adopt this persona.”

“I did not!” Camille yelled, stomping her foot.

“Yes, you did. I seriously cannot believe the fit you are having. I am not going to be taking down your pants. Not this time, at least. Now be a big girl and accept your punishment.”

Camille simply stared at Erik. With a loud sigh, he grabbed her wrist and sent her flying across his long thighs, deftly pinning her legs under his right knee. She yelled at him to release her, lifting her hands to protect her protruding bottom.

“Thank you,” he said with amusement as he held both her wrists firmly agains the small of her back. Resting his hand on her jean-clad posterior, he asked, “How many, Cam?”

“You cant do this! I’m an adult!!!”

“Do adults soak people in snow?”

“Some do! Please, let me go.”

“No way, little girl. Not until we are done here. Last time. How many?”

“Oh my God! Erik!”

“Very well. I think ten would be appropriate.  Just so you know,” he adjusted her wriggling body, “This will hurt much, much more on a bare backside.”

Where: You can find her on her Blog where she shares snippets of her books and her life. If you’d like to get your read on, you can visit her author pages at any of these places Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Blushing Books.


Why: I haven’t read a Breanna Hayse book I didn’t love. One of the main reasons is because it’s more real. I don’t know about you but I can tell when the author somehow participates, even marginally, in the lifestyle. The way the scenes flow, the descriptions used and overall feel of the books are different. She’s real and it very much comes through in her writing. Breanna and her husband John live 24/7 in the D/s lifestyle and her sister Nikki is also living with them and training under Sir John. There’s a lot of experience in the Hayse household.

The other part of this equation is the age play. There aren’t very many authors that write age play books and even less who write them well. Not only does she write amazing books but in those books, the age play and the sex scenes are separate. You know I love to read about all kinds of sexual depravity :) but when it comes to age play, it hits closer to home, and I enjoy the story a little more when the age play element and the sex are separate from each other. Don’t misunderstand because there is most certainly sex, hot sex, hot spankings and the like all throughout the books but the stories and lessons are really what keeps you coming back from more.

How: I’ve set up a Rafflecopter giveaway so you may win a copy of the Breanna Hayse book of your choice. The not so fine print, giveaway open internationally as the prize is an ebook. The winner will be emailed and must respond in 48 hours with the book and format of their choosing. The winner may choose Role Play and if it has yet to be released by the end of the giveaway, they will receive the book as soon as it goes live.

Just follow the link, do what you can and I’ll pick and announce a winner on Saturday, September 7th! Good Luck!

<3 L

7 thoughts on “Breanna Hayse Giveaway!!

  1. Wow, thanks for this great giveaway! I am a huge spanking romance fan. I have been reading them for 16 years! Wow, has it really been that long since I was 18? They have come a LONG way since then. We are so lucky to get quality spanking novels in recent years! I love exploring all of the sub-genres of spanking such as age-play (& more!) My husband and I have always played with spanking in the bedroom. We have been DD for the last 5. Lately, though, we’ve headed towards more of a D/s relationship with more fun and less discipline. I love exploring all aspects.

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